Achim Vogel Muranyi, born 1970 in Freiburg i. Br., Germany. Since 1988 working as pianist and composer. 1990-1995 studies in graphic design, visual communication & advertising in Freiburg. Comic illustration, commissioned compositions and productions for theater, movie, TV and free economy. 1994-2002 series of paintings acryl on canvas (“mass grave“, “Röhre”). Since 1999 employee as sound engineer at Theater Freiburg. 2000-2002 graphic design at “Monolith” agency for advertising & interactive media in Offenburg. 2002-2004 collaborations with Robert Jacobsen. Since 2010 collaborations with Peter Vogel on interactive light and sound objects, after exploring electronic control mechanisms for several years. Since 2013 interest in computer-controlled visual and musical events.